Spring 2023 Housing Market Update in Metro Detroit, MI


The housing market in Metro Detroit is going through a lot of change lately, and you may be wondering if more homes will go on the market, what’s next with home prices and mortgage rates, or what the best advice is for someone who looking to sell your Metro Detroit home fast this spring.

The Inventory levels in Metro Detroit are on the rise this spring as more sellers enter the market, while buyers continue to remain eager and active despite rising mortgage rates.

Here’s what industry experts are saying right now about the spring housing market and what it means for you:


“The housing market is likely to struggle mightily this spring,” says Rick Sharga, president and CEO of CJ Patrick Company. “The combination of higher home prices and mortgage rates between 6.5 and 7.0 percent makes monthly mortgage payments up to 50 percent higher than they would have been on the same property a year earlier. A limited supply of homes for sale, coupled with poor affordability, will keep home sales relatively low.”

CoreLogic: Home prices will rise

CoreLogic notes: After seven consecutive months of declines, the CoreLogic Home Price Index showed a 0.8% sequential rise in February, and the firm’s chief economist said last week that pent-up homebuyer demand alongside declining rates has pushed Americans back into the market.

Moody’s Analytics: Home prices will fall

The firm’s economists expect home prices — as measured by Moody’s Analytics Repeat Sales House Price Index — to fall 4.2% between December 2022 and December 2023. The elevated levels of home prices and mortgage rates “will likely hurt demand for several years,” the analysts said. “Home purchase affordability has plummeted to the lowest in decades, as typical payments on new mortgages have soared.”

National Association of Realtors: Home prices will rise

In a report published in March, the NAR forecasted that existing home prices will see a 1.3% climb by the first quarter of 2024, and new home prices will see a 2.6% increase for the same period. Here is the market snapshot of pending home sales in February 2023.

Pending home sales in February 2023


Bottom Line

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And as always, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about selling your home! We are here to help make the process easier and more successful for you.